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For International Students

Ming Chi University of Technology welcomes applications from overseas students. We offer a great variety of undergraduate and graduate programs of study, training and educating students to be true professionals in society. “Residential schooling” and “co-op practical training program” are two of our longstanding traditions. With the traditions, we help students develop professional knowledge as well as positive attitudes on the campus. We look forward to welcoming you to Taiwan and MCUT!


Applicant Eligibility

Eligible applicants must possess foreign nationality and have never possessed the nationality of the Republic of China. Additionally, they cannot possess the status of overseas Chinese student and must have been consecutively living overseas over six years at time of application.


Application Period and Methods

Application Period: Fall Semester 1 January ~ 30 April

                                     Spring Semester 1 August ~ 15 October


Application System for International Students: http://foreignadm.mcut.edu.tw/