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The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Ming Chi University of Technology was founded in 1964 when both the industrial and economic developments in Taiwan were taking off. Only five-year junior-college program was offered back then. In 1999 and 2004, the then Mingchi Institute of Technology was transformed into a college, and later on, a university, respectively.


The department currently offers a 4-year undergraduate program that enrolls about 150 students annually. The department aims continuously to train outstanding ME personnel with a balanced knowledge of theory and practice. In addition to the undergraduate program, the department in 2005 started offering a Master's degree program which enrolls 30 students annually. The master degree program combines aspects of mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.


Other than curriculum work, ME students are infused with the motto of MCUT, which is “Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality, and Trustworthiness.” As to “diligence and perseverance,” students are encouraged to not only work hard, but also develop rightful virtues. With “frugality and trustworthiness,” which lead to a simple and honest life, students can concentrate more on the pursuit of their careers in such a lifestyle. Equipped with these good characters and the professional knowledge and skills, all our graduates are expected to contribute to the society.